ARTERiA ‘The Gold of The Earth’

From February 23 to February 25, Palazzo Visconti in Milan hosted some of the most famous names in digital art.

‘The Gold of the Earth’ was the theme of this first edition of ARTERiA, the project presented by Floriano Benedetto and Luca Pagani of Craft Sharks and Tariel Bisharyan of Emerging Talents Milan.

The artists were involved in the Exhibit: Billelis, Annibale Siconolfi, Federico Garibaldi, Andrea Crespi, Alessandro D’Aquila, Waro, Mendacia, Crypto Madonne as well as Iena Cruz and Mr. Wany who minted their first NFT for the occasion.

ARTERiA as Art, Era and Internet. Like that blood vessel that allows our body to receive blood up to the “peripheral areas”. Like, figuratively speaking, that important traffic and communication route that allows us to reach our destinations.

ARTERiA as the channel through which real-world artists face the new world and new-world artists make themselves known in the real world. A creative flow possible thanks to NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).


The exhibition curated by Silvia Ranzi, creator of the format, and Leopoldo Vendramin of Cryptoartitalia, official partner of this first edition, was a success despite the numerous events scheduled during Milan’s fashion week. Numerous guests attended the inauguration and attended during the days the exhibit was open to the public, including some leading names in crypto art and in the music scene, a world increasingly attracted by the NFT phenomenon.

Great participation also for the moment dedicated to interviews with the artists where together with the ARTERiA team and Alberto Amato of Cryptoartitalia, Federico Garibaldi, Mr.Wany, Beatrice Vigoni and Domenico Fragata of the CryptoMadonne collective, Alessandro Dell’Aquila and Waro spoke.

ARTERIA is not just an exhibition that we will repeat over time with different themes, but it is an extraordinary opportunity to create networks between artists, insiders and the public” – declare the curators. “We are very satisfied with the outcome of this first edition, and we are already working on the September one. The theme? A tribute to the great Maria Callas on the occasion of the centenary of her birth“.

EMERGING TALENTS MILAN by Tariel Bisharyan is Milan’s innovative international fashion platform dedicated to talented fashion designers. The goal is to give them visibility, also in connection with major fashion brands. Since 2016, the project has already hosted over 100 brands from more than 40 countries in Milan.

CRAFT SHARKS is the collective of meta creators founded by Floriano Bendetto and Luca Pagani that, since 2022, has been involved in supporting individuals and companies in the creation of NFTs, community conversations and virtual locations. Always attentive to the evolution of the art world, they are also involved in promoting digital and non-digital artists, both in the Metaverse and in the real world.

CRYPTOARTITALIA is the first Italian company specialized in the creation and realization of artistic projects in NFT. It represents the first Italian community in support of artists and companies capable of “reading” and “foreseeing” the real developments of the near future. With their “Art” and “Lab” Departments they conceive and develop artistic and communication projects through the involvement of art academies, galleries, creatives, designers, collectors, and programmers.


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