Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2023/2024 Fashion Presentation

Emerging Talents Milan, the independent agency that has discovered, recruited and supported more than 100 talents from around 50 countries since 2016 – returns on the occasion of the Milan Catwalks FW 2023-24.

New brands, top labels and emerging designers will parade on the wonderful stage of Palazzo Visconti to present their exclusive new FW 2023-24 collections. A unique and extraordinary opportunity to discover international, visionary, brilliant and creative talents working in the Fashion Business.

After the runway show, together with the collections of Claudia Bertolero and Laveau, HAY-HAY Concept, Artuyt and Salvatore Caputo presented their new collections.

Emerging Talents

Photos: Anna Minaeva, Luca Condorelli

HAY-HAY Concept @hayhay.concept

HAY-HAY Concept is a community beyond fashion with the mission of uncovering cultural insights about Armenia and expanding into a media platform.

It’s a unique online store that offers a wide selection of emerging brands from Armenia and other countries, from hand-picked clothing collections to jewellery and accessories, from bags to home textiles and nifty items.

“A challenge accepted – HAY-HAY is pushing boundaries to promote emerging Armenian designers. I’m thrilled we made it to Milan for the third time, introducing bright and unique pieces of Armenian design and celebrating their journey. I am proud to be a part of preserving Armenian identities”, says Lucine Ayanian, the founder of HAY-HAY.

This year’s main concept is to focus on gender fluid collections and sustainability by removing the seasonal trends so the people can focus on the styles they love instead of feeling pressured to update their wardrobe with the latest fashion.

HAY-HAY Concept presented both ready-to-wear and accessories by TUMO Studios X Armine Ohanyan Paris, SOMA, and Inga Kazumyan.

TUMO Studios X Armine Ohanyan

The eco-line created by TUMO Studios and Armine Ohanyan Paris is inspired by the natural beauty of Armenia and strives to reduce pollution, build a more sustainable future, and bring awareness to the importance of environmentally-friendly products.

The main mission of this collaboration is to boost local production. The clothing is made in Armenia using plastic waste and naturally dyed fabrics and threads as raw material. In collaboration with ISSD (Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities) all the plastic bottles were recycled and partially used in different pieces of the collection.

SOMA Jewellery

The brand presents its new “New World” collection, the concept of which is based on the idea of utopia about the 9th planet endowed with super intelligence, which is a second chance to make a fresh start.

The amorphous form of the New World, flowing from one to another shape, is reflected in the jewellery of the collection. The Cinema 4D software, responsible for creating the shape of the jewellery, allows the algorithm to create a 3D model using simulation independently.

Gender fluid jewellery is 3D printed from recycled sterling silver.

Inga Kazumyan

A characteristic feature of the brand is the combination of natural stones. Pure and refined, these all-around handmade necklaces are characterised by timeless elegance.

Mixed cuts, with crystal designs that make a unique statement, day or night. In her new collection, the designer repeats the technique which she used in the very beginning and is based on knitting combined with natural stones and chains. This time she uses only chains for knitting.

ARTUYT @artuyt_int

Artuyt is honored to reveal the new “Royal” collection based on Christine Mkrtchyan’s (Christi) drawings on porcelain.

About the artist

Christine Mkrtchyan was born and raised in Yerevan. She graduated from Yerevan State University of Architecture – with the qualification of an architect. Later, she completed the degree program in Physics and Acoustics at Pierre and Marie Curie’s University. Since 2008, she has been the artist-decorator of Hermes brand’s subcontractor Laure Selignac – one of the leading porcelain companies in France.

Since 2016, Christine Mkrtchyan has been developing her brand – Art Christi, combining the porcelain drawing technique gained over the last ten years and the Armenian cultural traditions.

Christi has collaborated with famous brands and galleries such as Hermes, Laure Selignac, St. Petersburg Porcelain Factory, Henderson, Michael Aram, Taline Gallery Portret, etc.

About Artuyt

Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. The company uses Armenian artists’ paintings and collages as a base for scarves. One scarf takes a full two months to complete, making it an exquisitely crafted accessory. The themes range from the beginning of medieval times to modern abstractionism.

The premium silk scarves in the collection come in 90x90cm. They are hand-rolled and made in Italy.

The 2-day event first time presented the Fashion Color Analysis Masterclass by the international beauty director Valeria Orlando.

The masterclass was born with the aim of creating a perfect base for a fashion show. It allows professional makeup artists to meticulously evaluate the chromatic quality and skin undertone of the model to be made up (solar/lunar). At the same time it allows you to recognize different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, blemished, dehydrated so you can choose the right skincare to perform before make-up. All the makeup artists used VOR Make-up professional line, that is also the official


Art Director: Tariel Bisharyan
Head Fashion Stylist: Lucine Ayanian
Beauty Director and Key Makeup Artist: Valeria Orlando
Makeup Team: Giulia Calabretta, Martina Cianciamilla, Angela Mancuso, Anastasia Berestovska, Grace Mc Connellogue, Sonia Manfra, Karen Bertuna
Makeup Sponsor: VOR Makeup
Key Hair Stylist & Sponsor: Antonio Iengo
Hair Team: Royal Academy of MakeUp Torino
Backstage Director: Giuliana Bortolato
Casting Director: Josip Grabovac
Lighting and Set: Family Studio Srl
Shoe Partners: Deichmann, Salvatore Caputo, Off Play

Special thanks to the partners and official sponsors of Emerging Talents Milan: Family Studio Srl, VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando, White Lady PR, Antonio Iengo Hair Style, Palazzo Visconti, Arteria Exhibits, Lumiere Banqueting, Craft Sharks.


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