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Josie Canseco x FTL Moda for FWO

Josie Canseco x FTL Moda for FWO

Josie Canseco is a complex person. Brimming with enthusiasm, streams of information and ideas tumble effortlessly from a mind that seems capable of running quickly without breaking a sweat. Whether discussing sports, dance, the pluses and minuses of city life, the benefits and pitfalls of the entertainment industry, or her “dream life” caring for animals in Montana, her passion and intellect are palpable. She’s also refreshingly approachable. (“I’m a hugger,” she says.)

We had the pleasure of working with Josie as part of an exclusive shoot for FWO’s RNWY digital edition. The editorial was produced by FTL Moda (@ftlmoda), and shot by Hannah Khymych @hannahkhymych.

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Josie Canseco by Hannah Khymych

Interview by FTL Moda

Q: Josie is for Josephine, right? Tell us about your origins. We know you’re partially Cuban. Do you feel that heritage in your personality?

My birth certificate only says “Josie,” but growing up I was called “Josephina” by the Cuban side of my family.

My father’s family is Cuban, with a slight mix of Filipino. I’m definitely in touch with my Latin roots, whether it be through dance or my immediate connection with the Spanish language.

I am definitely in touch with my Latin roots, via dance and the Spanish language

I was raised in the United States, so I’m not as connected with my Latin side as I would like.

However, I plan to travel to Cuba with my family within the next year to learn more about our culture.

Josie Canseco BTS by Pablo Starr

Q: You’re the daughter of two artists, in terms of industries: your father being from the sports world and your mom from the modeling world. How have their backgrounds influenced your career?

Being raised in the industry has definitely taught me a lot about my communications skills and work ethic.

Having parents like them to look up to has done nothing but inspire me to be the best I can be, and to also be kind and patient with my success.

My parents have inspired me to be kind and patient

Whether it’s learning from their accomplishments, or failures, I am grateful to have been raised with them as my family.

Q: We’ve had the pleasure of working with you a few times already, and we’re always impressed by your easy-going attitude, and kind attention to the entire team. This should be natural for professionals in general (as well as for humans in general). Why do you think this is not always the case?

Everyone is going through their own issues that people aren’t aware of.

Everyone is going through issues people aren’t aware of

Sometimes you just are not in a good mood, and that’s okay, but it is extremely important to keep it as professional as possible when you are in your work environment.

I am no angel; I have definitely had my bad days, but I am so incredibly blessed to do what I do, and whenever I feel a bit frustrated or impatient, I remind myself of the opportunity I have in front of me, and it helps to refresh my perspective.

Q: You are with NEXT Management, one of the most recognized fashion agencies in the world. How has this affiliation choice impacted your career, and your approach to this industry?

I have been with NEXT since I was 17, and I have constantly grown closer and closer to them as an agency and as a family.

As much as it is business, your agents are there to protect you. It is impossible to not become as close as family when you have to be so vulnerable and honest about everything going on in your life.

I stand by loyalty, and NEXT has stood by me through SO many ups and downs, so I plan to stick by them as well.

They have taught me respect, patience, and most importantly, discipline.

NEXT has taught me respect, patience, and discipline

So I bring that to the table in my work life.

Q: Traveling is a big part of your career. How do you manage to keep balance between your schedule and your personal life?

I do travel quite a bit. I would say I’m on a plane at least once a week.

I’m on a plane at least once a week

It gets a bit tough to balance both. I have definitely seen a few friendships fizzle out because of lack of upkeep, but I do my best to keep my original core group of friends close at all times.

I hang around the people I’ve been around since I was 14, and our friendship is so strong that no matter how long we are apart for, whenever we’re reunited, it is like we never separated.

Those are the kinds of friendships I appreciate most in my life.

Q: Do you have a source of inspiration for your career? If so, may we ask which one?

I would say my main source of inspiration is stability, and being able to support my family one day.

It is extremely important to me that I am able to support myself and have control over my own life. I never want to depend on anyone else for what I need, and that keeps me hungry for work.

I never want to depend on anyone else

I also have dreams and goals that I am so passionate about, and if I want to reach them, I need to stay focused and motivated.

Q: Who is your favorite designer?

I am not a huge “fashion” girl, but if I had to say any designer I think it would be Alexander Wang.

I grew up playing sports and to me, nothing is better than comfort.

I grew up playing sports

Alexander Wang has a subtle mix of comfortable casual pieces that are also chic and sexy.

Q: Let’s get personal: What are you looking to achieve in the next couple of years, both professionally and personally?

So I just read The Alchemist, and it’s helped refresh my perspective on life a ton.

I am already a firm believer of fate and the Law of Attraction, but reading this book really put my mind back on track to focus on what I truly want in this world. It is very easy to get distracted and lose sight of what makes you happy, and this book was my way of getting back on track.

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction

I hope in next few years to start my own non-profit for neglected and abused animals, and hopefully by the time I am 30, I will own a ranch in Montana where I take care of animals.

I do not think I am cut out for this city life forever, so I plan to work as hard as possible and then find another environment that makes me happy.

I want to start a non-profit for neglected and abused animals

Q: If you were not a model, what is another career you feel would have been yours?

I would have either been an athlete or a dancer.

I did both sports and dance my entire life, competitively and passionately.

My dad always pushed me to play golf or tennis, but dancing was something I loved more.

Q: If you could close your eyes to a wish, what would you like to re-open them to?

More acts of kindness from people and no more animal cruelty.


Photographer and videographer / HANNAH KHYMYCH
Art direction and styling / ILARIA NICCOLINI
Editor / colorist: VEGA
Production / FTL MODA
Assistants to the photographer / DAVID KIM
Director of photography / SHAROKH MIRZAI
Assistant to the stylist / BAILEY KAUFMAN @FTLModa
Assistant to the producer / LISA STAPLETON @FTLModa


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