Trace Network Labs Launches PARIZ – World’s First Fully Functional Metaverse for Fashion & Lifestyle

Trace Network Labs has launched PARIZ, the world’s first fully functional & next-generation fashion and lifestyle Metaverse that connects the real and virtual worlds.

The PARIZ Metaverse Composition

Built with an adoption-centric focus to spearhead the shift of eCommerce into the Metaverse, Pariz aims to bring life-like experiences that will enable shopping, entertainment & commerce in the Metaverse. It will comprise virtual spaces catering to fashion brands, businesses, Influencers, artists, designers, event organizers, and users in general. Some of them, not limited to, are as follows:

  • Shopping District: A dedicated area that will house virtual brand stores of global fashion brands that can display and sell their latest digital fashion-wear collections.
  • Events: A space where brands, influencers, artists, designers, and more can organize events such as meetups, fashion shows, fireside chats, panel discussions & more.
  • Lounge: A personalized experience zone for teams, projects, and businesses that will be an alternative to GMeet, Zoom, or physical meetings in clubs or conference rooms.
  • Social District: Watch a movie, experience a red-carpet moment, attend a music concert, and more in this dedicated social space in Pariz.

Developed with a mix of state-of-the-art, open & proprietary technologies, including immersive 3D + VR tech, Trace Network’s PARIZ is committed to revolutionizing how people shop, work, play & socialize in the Metaverse.

Inaugural Day Special

The PARIZ launch day showcased an exclusive launch of Brand Stores in the Metaverse. The Brand Stores in PARIZ provides immersive, interactive shopping experiences in a virtual setup with an element of e-commerce. This enables the concept of “Buy in the Metaverse, Deliver at Home,” which will complete the online commerce’s discovery-to-delivery cycle in the Metaverse.

This metaverse-to-home service is unique and will bring a paradigm shift in how e-commerce will function in the times to come. The days of infinite 2D scrolling for products are ending, as one can now “step into” an e-commerce store in the Metaverse, walk about, do window shopping, try the product, buy it, and then have it delivered at home.

Speaking on the occasion of this landmark launch, Lokesh Rao, Co-founder, and CEO, of Trace Network Labs, said,

With Pariz Metaverse, we are building one single destination for younger audiences to engage with and experience fashion in virtual gamified worlds, or the Pariz metaverse. Apart from fashion & lifestyle shopping, the Metaverse will also include spaces for events, social districts, and a 24×7 lounge for community interactions. With these spaces, PARIZ will encourage brands, influencers, projects, artists, users, and more to host their cultural events and lounges.

Premier fashion brands debut on PARIZ

The launch of Trace Network’s PARIZ will coincided with the grand launch of 4 brand stores from Madame, Da Milano Italia, Zivame, and Aditya Birla’s Style Up. Created in partnership with Trace, these brands opened their virtual stores for business today, on March 22, 2023.

Each metaverse store of the above brands has been carefully designed to create an atmosphere of luxury and convenience. The brands’ customers can enjoy the latest collections and products from the metaverse stores and access exclusive offers, promotions, and events that can be conducted in the Metaverse.

Here is what some of these brands had to say about the changing paradigm in shopping & online commerce.

Mr. Akhil Jain, CEO at Jain Amar, the owner of India’s leading women’s western-wear fashion brand, Madame, said, “Thrilled to partner with Trace Network to launch our Brand Store in PARIZ. As a premier Indian luxury womenswear brand, we are committed to catering to women with different styles and personas. The Metaverse aims to provide a glamorous shopping experience to online GenZ shoppers.

Richa Kar, Founder of Zivame, India’s leading Intimate wear brand for Women, expressed delight in partnering with Trace Network for their Metaverse journey, “As India’s leading intimate wear brand for women, we are committed to empowering women and promoting body positivity, and we believe that the Pariz Metaverse is the perfect platform to bring our brand values to life in a new realm,” she said, “Excited to launch our own Brand Store in PARIZ, as we aim to cater to diverse personas and styles, especially Gen Z online women shoppers.

Shivaani D Mallik, Marketing Director at Da Milano Italia’s also commented on their Brand store launch in PARIZ, “As a brand that epitomizes innovation, modernity, and luxury, we are excited to take our commitment to Italian design and craftsmanship to the virtual world. Our brand Store in Pariz Metaverse will provide our customers, especially Gen Z audiences, with a truly immersive and seamless shopping experience.


PARIZ, powered by Trace Network technologies, is the world’s first fully functional Metaverse for Fashion & Lifestyle. Built with an adoption-centric approach, PARIZ aims to create virtual spaces to spearhead the shift of ecommerce into the metaverse. It will bring life-like experiences that will enable shopping, entertainment & commerce in the metaverse. PARIZ comprises virtual spaces that cater to fashion brands, business, Influencers, artists, designers, event organizers, users in general and much more. Developed with a mix of state-of-the-art, open & proprietary technologies, including immersive 3D + VR tech, Trace Network’s PARIZ is committed to revolutionizing the way people shop, work, play & socialize in the metaverse.

About Trace Network

Trace Network Labs is enabling a full stack Metaverse technology for businesses & individuals to launch their own 3D experiences with all the components being powered and built natively using Blockchain including and first of it’s kind web3.0 native real looking #BUDDY avatars. You can relate with it like we are SHOPIFY of metaverses. Further, using the same technology it is helping Fashion & Lifestyle businesses & individuals to launch their own experience stores, events, concerts etc.


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